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White Party Dress Code: Resort Wear

Hmm...I have a dilemma.  Mr. Q and I are going to the Turks and Caicos next months for our friends 40th birthdays.  The (adorable) invitation stated that the dress is to be "White Resort Wear", which has left me googling every combination of "white/flowy/dress/short dress/resort" imaginable, only to come up less than inspired. 

What exactly does this mean?  I picture white & flowy.  Mr. Q had a different idea (of course!).  This is his choice, after I tried it on one day while shopping in our neighborhood.  Methinks the tightness factor, while hot, isn't exactly right.


Plus, when would I wear it again?  I already have something similar, my short reception dress.  This is high on my list because I already own it & would like to wear it again.  It does need to be taken in a bit.

Picture by Ashley Colhouer

A simple google search of "white resort wear" brought up Lily Pulitzer as the #1 site.  And lo and behold, one of their clothing categories is "Little White Dress".  Here are my favorites:


It's hard for me to stomach spending $300 on a cotton sundress, but I do find these to be oh-so-preppy and cute and ME.

My friend P has a Little White Dress shop on Etsy & I love the Grace Satin dress.  Plus, it's handmade and helping a friends small business - can't get much better than that!


Thoughts?  Anyone?  Suggestions and links in the comments would be great!!

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