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24 Hours in NYC

On our way to the Turks & Caicos in March we had a 24-hour-on-purpose layover in NYC.  Ted's cousin & her family live in the Lower East Side and we love visiting them when possible.  I also cooridinated a little meet up with Serena aka Mrs. Hamster aka Big Apple Nosh & we had a great time with her and her hubby at the Living Room (great live music).

The Mini Quiches had a great time with their cousins.  If you're familiar with fashion advertising, you might recoginize the be-tutued girl as little miss Chloe Hilfiger :)

We went for crepes while we waited for our table a Cafe Mogador (our favorite go-to restaurant in NYC).

We then embarked on a blink-and-you'll-miss-it tour of Battery Park, Financial District & Times Square.

It was March & it was FREEZING!

As long time lovers of Tony Bourdain, we wanted to visit Les Halles.  It was a big hit!

After a mix-up of which Living Room to go to, we met up with Serena & L.  Serena and I blogged together for Weddingbee & I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with her (and lots of other bees!) in Vegas last year.  Love her!

Ted & I love New York and were happy to have even this short amount of time in this incredible city.


Guest Post: Perfect Breezy, Beachy Outfit

A HUGE thank you to Ann from Crafts & Cardigans for guest posting while we're on vacation!  She created this perfect summery outfit, one that reminds me of sea glass & blue waters...  Enough from me, here's Anne!


When Kristin informed me that she'd be taking a little jaunt to Turks and Caicos, and that she had a request, I immediately assumed she needed me to go with her. I am, after all, a beach aficionado, as well as a rest and relaxation expert, so it came as no surprise that she needed my expertise on her trip. I responded with a resounding YES while instantaneously packing my bags and checking on the status of my sunblock supply. But then when she finished the sentence and told me she'd like for me to guest post on her blog, my dreams came crashing down. I burst dramatically into tears, and ran into my room, and began scribbling in my diary about how no one understands me!!!!!!!

Juuuuuust kidding! Maybe. BUT, if I was fortunate enough to be invited on a beach vacation, here's what I would pack: 


I'm very influenced by my surroundings, so my clothes tend to become a reflection of the seasons and my location at any given time. And what better inspiration than the perfect turquoise waters of paradise! Just take this outfit, add a little surf spray to your hair and you're ready to hit the cabana boy up for another margarita. Extra salt on the rim, please.

Have a wonderful time, Kristin! 

Note: You can get to all of these links by clicking here or on the image above!

Thanks Anne (aka: my lovely friend & Mrs. Powder Puff)!


A quick blurb about Anne & her blog:

"This blog follows the adventures (and sometimes shenanigans) of Anne and her husband.

We used to live in Chicago. All bright lights, big city style.

Now we live in Indiana. Country style. It may not be as exciting as the city, but it's just as (if not more) fun." 



Vacation Playlist and Other Random Things

We are ready to go!  I just dropped off Derby at the kennel.  Normally I would RoverNight while we are away, but since we'll be gone for 9 days that isn't an option.  Plus, as you've seen on this blog in the past, Derby could stand to have a little training in her life.  Something that I just don't know how to do.  She will spend the next 15 days at Dynamic Dogs Chicago learning basic obedience, how to walk on a leash properly, how to deal with separation anxiety and many other things.  I was super sad dropping her off, but she was running around like a wild woman in their huge outdoor space when I left, so I know she'll have fun :)  And I will blog about the whole experience in a couple of weeks!

Now onto the music!  We made a few mix CDs to take with us to the Turks & Caicos.  The rental car will likely be more than a few years old which means no ipod hookup!  So we paid a visit to mix tapes of yore & updated them for a fun, beachy set list.  We really do love all kinds of music and that is reflected in our selections!

Jack Johnson, William Fitzsimmons (Willy Fitz is hubbers' favorite)

Mix 1: Island Music

Bob Marley & the Wailers


  • Get Up, Stand Up
  • Redemption Song
  • No Woman No Cry
  • One Love
  • Jamming
  • Three Little Birds


Kenny Chesney


  • Island Boy
  • Old Blue Chair
  • Be As You Are
  • Boston
  • Soul of a Sailor
  • Sherry's Living in Paradise
  • Guitars and Tiki Bars


Jimmy Buffett


  • Pirate Looks at Forty
  • Changes in Lattitudes
  • Son of a Son of a Sailor
  • Fins
  • Margaritaville


Mix 2: TCI Country Mix

Tim McGraw


  • Angry All the Time
  • Where the Green Grass Grows
  • The Cowboy in Me
  • Senorita Margarita
  • That's Why God Made Mexico


Taylor Swift


  • Tim McGraw
  • Mine
  • Fifteen


Dixie Chicks


  • Long Time Gone
  • Top of the World


Toby Keith


  • Should've Been a Cowboy
  • I Love this Bar


Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheats; Rascal Flatts, Fast Cars and Freedom; Lady Antebellum, Need You Now; Brooks & Dunn, Play Something Country

We can't wait! 


No Racoon Eyes for Me!

For this to happen, I need your help! 

We are going on vacation soon - days spent lazily lounging by the pool, on the beach, etc. I'm not trying to make you jealous (ooh, but I must also add that it will be 80+ degrees...still, not trying for jealousy here!), just laying out the facts.  I must also add that I have white blonde eyelashes & wear mascara every single day.  My eyes disappear without it!  No bueno.

I am now on the hunt for a great yet inexpensive waterproof mascara.  I'd like it to be easily removed when necessary, but stays put when in & out of the water.  A nice clean look.



I love DiorShow mascara & bought the waterproof kind for our wedding in Jamaica 2 years ago.  I am fine purchasing this again, but would rather not spend $25/tube if possible.  There has to be a comparable drugstore brand that costs a lot less, I just don't know which one to try!


For everyday use, I've long been a fan of Maybelline Full & Soft mascara.  If I remember correctly though, their waterproof brand was very spidery.  It's possible that the formula has changed in the past 10 years though. 

Help!  Do you have a no-fail brand that you can recommend?  My bleached lashes thank you.


2 Days in Savannah

We went to one of my best friends wedding in Hilton Head last week.  Luckily, there are direct flights into Savannah, GA and we took advantage of this and spent the first 2 days of our vacation in this spanish moss draped city.  We both read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil to prepare for our trip, which we both highly recommend!  Excellent characters and a quirky view of the city.

After easily navigating our way into the city, we parked along River Street at hit up Huey's, a New Orleans Cajun/Creole restaurant right on the river.  We didn't read any reviews prior to the trip, but the menu looked good, so we grabbed 2 seats at the bar.  I had the Fried Green Tomato Mufflata Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries and hubbers had the Shrimp-n-Grits, which was recommended by our server.  Everything was delicious.


We walked along the river for a bit & I indulged in the pistachio gelatto from either Savannah Candy or River Street Sweets...I can't remember!  Regardless, it was delicious.  Then we made our way to the B&B, The Foley House Inn, which is situated perfectly in the historic district on Chippewa Square.  The room rate was pretty reasonable, and the fact that we could pretty much walk everywhere made this a great place for us.


After checking in, we headed back out to walk amongst the various squares.  Popped into a lot of stores due to the intense HEAT and had fresh squeezed lemonade.  Yum.  Friends of ours recommended dinner at Local 11Ten and we met another friend for a drink before dinner.  I loved the interior of this place!  They also pride themselves on the use of local and organic ingredients.  The friends who recommended the place happened to be out of town while we were there, but arranged to have a bottle of wine sent to our table which was so thoughtful and much appreciated.



The next day, we had lunch in the B&B then set out on a 2 our bike tour.  We were mainly interested in learning about the history of Savannah architecture and to see the sights from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. 

The Mercer/Williams House is gorgeous.

The gorgeous fountain in the center of Forsyth Park, Savannah's Central Park.

St. Patrick's Day is HUGE in Savannah, and the priest from The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist blesses the parade before it winds its way through the city.  A gorgeous church.

Houses built in the 17, 18 & early 1900's were entered through the second floor.  The roads were unpaved, dirty and dusty, so the ground floor was used for kitchens, storage &/or servants quarters.  Houses built today reflect the same style of architecture and fit seamlessly in with their 200+ year old counterparts.

The ironwork in Savannah is an art.  Most are custom, so no two houses will look alike.

 After the bike tour, we freshened up in the hotel then went for lunch at Soho.  I had what was probably the BEST grilled cheese of my life - The Grown Up Grilled Cheese with Gouda, Gruyere and Cheddar with pimento aioli.  I die!  I ordered 2 :)

After lunch, it was time to make the hour trip to Hilton Head Island.  We could have used at least another day in Savannah, but I am so glad we had the opportunity to spend some time there!