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Things I Love Thursday - Turquoise

Sorry for the brief blogging break!  Let's dive back in with my favorite kind of post: Things I Love!

Turquoise has been one of my favorite colors for as long as can remember (you know, way back when it was called teal!).  Pantone named it as the color of the year for 2010 and there is an entire website devoted to Everything Turquoise.

Turquoise in nature:

I used this image to color match paint for our master bath.  It is the one room of the house that has saturated, bold walls.  Paired with everything else white, it is one of my favorite rooms.

Easy turquoise accents at home:

 All images via Everything Turquoise




Things I Love Thursday: FLOR (redux)


No, they aren't a sponsor of my blog nor do they give me anything for free (though that would be pretty cool).  I've written about them before, so it's pretty clear that I just LOVE. THEM. 

Exhibit A:

Derby, our oh-so-cute pup who would never dream of getting into anything she's not allowed to (HA!), decides that she likes syrup.

Derby then assaults said syrup bottle, gives it a little kick-a-roo onto the floor (easier to lick up?)...

    (in the shape of an artists palette, no less!)  As this is a modular rug, I just picked up the piece (there was no way my handy Resolve was getting this mess out!)...and plopped down one of my spares! 

Why yes, I CAN spare a square!  Heh.

 Easy as 1 (the spill) 2 (pick up) 3 (plop down)!

FLOR tiles are a great alternative to conventional area rugs (and even wall-to-wall carpet, if that's your thing!).  They are especially handy with kids & pets. 


Things I Love Thursday


If I could, I would use 3Form in every project I do (privacy panels, elevator cabs, wall panels, etc).  The applications are endless and the materials are fabulous.  Not only do they look great, most of them contain pre- and post-consumer recycled materials.

This week they're launching their new product line & I was lucky enough to see it today.  What I liked best (and what I hope to use on a current project!) was this:

Gecko, an adhesive textile, aka awesome.  It's not a sticker & leaves no residue.  I was worried about it being too contact paper-like, but the static cling of it's silicone backing allows it to be removed & re-applied as needed.

Crypta Orbit is my favorite.

This one was pretty cool, too:

Crypta Letter

A great solution for first floor apartments, no?  If I have anything to say about it (which I don't :)), Gecko is sure to be a hit.


In Love with Laser Cut, Part Two

We left off with looking at laser cut tables.  I am excited to share with you the rest of my favorite finds - a whole slew of sliced and diced pieces.  A melange of cuts, if you will.

To me, Netherlands designer Tord Boontje is the messiah of this art.  It's pretty genius - delicate cuts that look like fragile lace, but are actually cut from super-tough Tyvek.  Paired with light coming from the sun, candle or a bulb, the shadows cast add another element of art to the space.


 & my personal favorite, the Until Dawn curtain

 I briefly mentioned Pennsylvania designer Megan Auman in my previous post (cube table).  She is back again today with a product so brilliant that I am thinking of hopping over to her etsy shop to purchase one!  I am allergic to wool, so I am wondering if the cuff can be lined with a soft cotton or other material.   However, as a coffee cup cuff?  Oh my goodness.  Love it.

Lovely chairs that, again, must be placed near a window or door:

Left: Rose Chair from Vibieffe.  Right:  Swing Chair from Tomaiuolo

A poof from Modern Dose:

And finally, a media cabinet by Australian designer Kim Snow:

Would you purchase any of these pieces? 


In Love with Laser Cut, Part 1

Upon looking for a new rug for our bedroom, I came across this laser cut beauty that shocked me.  I love it!   

 I love laser cut everything.  I love the play of light and shadow that laser cutting creates.  A lot of laser cut pieces are powder coated steel, making them durable enough for outdoor use, yet pretty enough for the indoors.  I've decided to break up my Laser Cut inspiration into 2 posts, as there really is a ton of it that I love (& I didn't want to overwhelm you.  Plus, I want you to come back!). 

Let's start with tables. I used this bench/table (in white) by Arktura in a project a couple of years ago, and I still feel like it's fresh and new for today.


        This glass on this tablealso by Arktura, is the silent hero keeps your stuff from falling through :)  At the bottom, the last piece from Arktura (because I can't help it) the Hive Bench/Table.    

 Moving on from coffee tables, side tables that would a surprising addition to any living room or bedroom.  Delicate and sweet, yet modern all the same.


 Clockwise, from top left.  I love this cube table from Pennsylvania designer Megan Auman(bonus, she has an etsy shop!), lattice pattern (which is hot right now) by Lee Walsh, Orange Tables by Botanist, Rose couch table by Vibieffe.

I originally found out about this cool dining table, by architect Steve Hull, from my friend Elle.  We loved how it has two completely different looks depending on the time of day (& whether or not you turn on the lighted bases).

Seriously, I can't get enough of these tables!  Some of them are quite pricey, but some of them are quite reasonable - I bet you could shop around for deals as well.

What do you think of laser cutting?


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