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Things I Love Thursday: Vacation and Turquoise

Even though we just had the first day of Spring, I am already over it and ready for SUMMER!  Luckily, Summer comes early for us in the form of a Turks & Caicos vacation.  We leave Saturday, have a day in NYC and then spend the next week in Providenciales...

Turks & Caicos last summer

I've mentioned my love of turquoise numerous times.  My favorite shade just happens to be Carribean Sea Blue (an offical color in my mind!) and I am glad that I get to stare at it for 168 hours.  As much as I'd love to have all of you join us, that just isn't possible, so I've decided to do a week of turquoise posts with a couple of summer wardrobe guests posts sprinkled in as well.

Since I'm in the mood, I thought I'd dive right in:  turquoise is great as a color all on its own.  However, if you already have a home that is decorated & not in need of a makeover (if you do, click here and let me know!), I want to show you how easy it is to add turquoise in as an accent color.  Whether it's complimenting or contrasting, it goes well with every single color.  Don't believe me?  Take a look for yourself!  






Source (my adorable friends adorable nursery!)




And my personal favorite - the Jonathan Adler designed room featuring turquoise (swoon), navy (SWOON) and yellow (FUN!).

Are you all ready for a week of Summer lovin'?  I know I am!  I am not, however, looking forward to dropping Derby off at the kennel :(  We are doing a 2 week board and train, which I KNOW will be SO GOOD for her, but I can't help but think about how much I will miss that fur face!


Things I Love Thursday: Patterned Bowls

I am going to blog about Phase 2: Demolition of our DIY Kitchen Remodel (Part 1 found here!) soon and eventually get to all parts of the design.  However, I will spill one secret - we installed open shelving.  I LOVE open shelving in the kitchen.  It forces us to be clean and organized & it just looks cool.

When decided what dishes to register for, I searched high and low for a set that had and exterior pattern with a white top.  I like eating off of plain white dishes, but thought the color and pattern on the outside would add a nice touch to our open plan.

If I had discovered these bowls back then, I think I would have gotten over the eating-off-of-white thing.  These are so sweet!

One of my crafty friends needs to develop a line of dishes with cute clothes and a smooth white surface.  I'll be first in line to buy!  However, Anthropologie has a plethora of patterned dishware that I highly recommend checking out!



Things I Love Thursday - Robert Bristow 

I love the lines and cast shadows of the base and the marble top of this Robert Bristow dining table (available via Ralph Pucci).  Another excellent example of modern and traditional design together as one.  Would look great in a number of different settings!


For something really bold, it could rest on top of a chevron rug.  Or to keep it very minimal, pair simply with a few Ghost Chairs.

 It's also available in red now - love it!

The ultimate in mod-trad!


Things I Love Thursday: Colored Masking Tape

Yeah, I realize I am waaay behind on this craze...but I feel the need to express my Japanese Masking Tape love.

From Happy Tape

I see a million and one uses for this tape, and google searches have resulted in the following:

Adorable kids table and chair set - click on the picture to see the before & after!

Spice up boring white picture frames - even temporarily!


Plain white or clear vases also get the tape treatment, with amazing success!

I have an idea for it that I haven't seen anywhere else online, so I do believe that I feel a project coming on!

Happy turquoise dots

And another Happy Tape variety pack - swoon! 


This place & Amazon also has solid colors in a variety of widths - perfect for the project in my head :)

Happy Thursday!


Things I Love Thursday - Painted Hardwood Floors

Gasp!  Shock!   Yes, I said it - I love painted hardwood floors.  I dream of high-gloss white or pale, pale blue painted floors in my non-existent summer home.  Don't get me wrong, I love hardwood floors & have an entire house full of them...but oh how I wish just one of the rooms had been severely damaged &/or unable to take another coat of stain!  I would have ended up with something like this:


Or this:

Oh turquoise, you know I love you!

And clean, crisp white...sigh:

My friend C loves them too:) and I thank her for bringing them back into my mind!  Our laundry room could use a makeover, and the hardwood floors in there weren't refinished when we did the rest of the house.  PROJECT!(?)

If you have hardwood floors, would you be able to paint them?