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Oh, Derby!

An email from my husband yesterday reads "Derby was really bad".  He had a meeting and Derby destroyed the couch.  Again.  For such a truly sweet, nice, loving dog...this is really hard to deal with and understand!


I thought I'd write a post on this since I've noticed a lot of friends talking about their pooches lately & to hopefully share tips and experiences with each other.  Oh, there are also a lot of gratuitous Derby pics because we always say..."It's a good thing you're cute!"

A little background information: In April, we adopted Derby from a small Chicago rescue group.  She is a great dog, but we weren't able to crate her due to her sheer panic of being in a closed in space and peeing and pooing all over and getting so worked up that it ended up all over her and the house.  We gave up and decided to just let her roam in the house.  This worked for awhile (after we learned that things like remotes, sunglasses and shoes need to be put away!), but she was always very anxious when we would leave and come home - heart racing, panting, panic.  She has also started peeing and pooing when we are gone.  She is the epitome of a velcro-dog and follows us around everywhere.  This is a little better, as she no longer sits on my feet while I am putting on make-up :) she now sits on the bed in our adjoined room. 


We are at a loss now, as we feel like prisoners of our pooch!  We don't like to leave her alone for even an hour for fear of what we'll come home to.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true.  So, I'd like to throw out a couple of questions and things that I've been thinking about and see what everyone else thinks. 

  • Crate Training - do we try again?  How do we start?  I know the obvious basics of giving her a treat when she gets in, etc. but we find her to be so panicked that she leaves the treat laying there.  Do we start at night?  For example, putting the crate in our room and having her sleep in there for awhile so she learns it is her den.  When we leave the house, should we just prepare ourselves for the (literal) shitstorm and clean-up hoping that she eventually grows out of it?
  • Baby Gates - this didn't work for us, as she barrelled through it.  We put a 50 pound weight on the other side & she leaped over it.  We put a second, retractable one above the bottom one and she chewed through it.  This might work for others though, so I wanted to at least mention it.
  • Collars - Citronella for barking - we used it when we first got her (& in the crate) and would come home to a house that reeked of citronella and a frantic, barking dog.  When she is out now, barking isn't the problem so much as the destructiveness and anxiety, though we can hear her from time to time when we are walking up the street to the house.  Choke collars/Prong collars - Have you used these?  For what purpose?  What is the difference?  I hate the thought of these, they make me sad.   But, do they work?  We walk Derby with a Gentle Leader harness (not the nose one) and it works WONDERS! 
  • Obedience Training - We went to classes at a local doggy daycare and were in time-out almost the entire time.  She is so barky around other dogs that she would distract the other dogs and nothing was accomplished.  I ended up in tears, it was so frustrating.  I've worked with her to do sit, down and drop-it, but she only does it when she wants to do it!  Has anyone had success with in-home private training?  I think this could be a good option for us. 
  • Board and Train - I've been looking into Board and Train places where you drop off your dog for 2 or more weeks and they work one on one with a trainer, then you have a class with the trainer and dog so that you know what to do when you have them home.  I am not sure if this is what we need to help with anxiety and crating, though, so not sure if this is a good option?


I have a vet appointment this afternoon to make sure there isn't anything wrong with her health-wise (perhaps to explain why she is peeing, etc. in the house when we're gone).  What do you think?  Do you have a dog with behavior problems?  If so, what did you do to help?

Okay, one more picture...with her dad :)



A Fun Friday!

What a busy, yet fun, weekend!  I decided to document my Friday in pictures.

I had a great designer chat lunch at EATT with my friend Mark, who is an awesome architect and my Revit master.  We talked business and fun & hope to work on some projects together in the near future. 

He found it entertaining that I was taking a picture of my food, so he took a picture of me taking a picture of my delicious Egg Salad.  I love and appreciate creatively designed presentation, and that alone will make me want to come back to EATT again.  It's also in our work neighborhood, so that doesn't hurt.  


I then reconnected with a friend that I hadn't seen in YEARS.  We met during our study abroad in Lyon, France and a few years ago found each other again on Facebook.  He is in town looking for a job and we serendipitously chatted the other day and realized that we needed to get together!  For awhile there, I honestly felt like it was 2000, because it was like it was yesterday that we were having coffee and shopping in Vieux Lyon.  


We then went shopping, as I wanted to find a creative, fun baby gift for my friend.  Just something little, as she is due in a few months and was in town for the weekend.  How these Lincoln Park boutiques try to get away with charging $35 for a scrap of cotton, I'll never I decided to take matter into my own hands! Ultimately, we weren't able to meet up, so I'll post more about my DIY Onesie after I send her the gift.  But, here is a little preview...

I happily crafted the night away as we watched Top Chef (how fitting!) and Chelsea Lately.  

Saturday was a busy one - I helped my friend Jenna pick out paint colors and hung out with her, TH and T1 (seriously...the cutest baby boy!  So happy and funny!).  They really liked the results, so that made me happy :) Then Ted and I had two parties to go to that night, a surprise 40th for one of Ted's friends, then our friend Bhavesh's annual Danger Party shenanigans.  Sunday was a day of rest and cleaning, something I've needed for a long time.  This summer has zoomed by!

How was your weekend?


An Open Letter to a Jimmy John's Sandwich Maker*

*specifically, the Jimmy John's on Grand in Chicago

Dear Jimmy John's Sandwich Maker-

I come to you for your bread, NOT your finely shredded lettuce (as lovely as it may be).  I always order the #6, no sprouts, cucumbers or avocado spread.  When I see you take two fingers and HOLLOW OUT the inside of my sub bun, I am not happy.  I am REALLY not happy when, after I question you about this, you state (dripping with bad attitude) that you always do this for every sub sandwich unless you specifically ask not too.  I assure you, this is not the case.  We eat Jimmy John's approximately 1-2 times per week, sometimes more.  While I admit that I don't usually supervise the sandwich making, I know for a fact that I am never left with a wimpy bun. 

Why would you throw away all of that pillowy goodness?  You tossed it right into the trash.  When asked, you should have started over and given me a new sandwich.  I will never come to your store again.  BOO.


I think you must put crack in the bread?  Yum.





Random Thoughts (Airing of Grievances?)

Below are things that have been swirling around in my head as potential blog posts...some of them for months...until I realized that I don't have that much to say about each particular subject.  So, I thought I'd get them all off of my chest at once (a Brain Dump, as my friend Jenna calls it!).

#1  Blago trial.  Politicians are shady (and ALL politicians from Chicago are shady).  Why is this still news?  Frankly, I am one of the people who is glad that he was acquitted on (almost) all charges.  If the prosecution decides to do a retrial, I am going to be pissed.  They have already wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on this and I am tired of it.  Move on.

#2 Photoshop.  I tweeted about this when the story broke, but what is up with the ridiculous photoshopping going on lately?  Don't get me wrong...I love me a clone stamp tool, but this is taking it to extremes.  & Ann Taylor?  Isn't their demographic slightly different than heroine chic waifs?  Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs, sure (only their pre-pubescent models actually are that thin), but Ann Taylor?!

"Shame on you, #AnnTaylor. You've done it before & said you wouldn't do it again: Way to promote body issues. #FAIL



It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Brian Andreas.  Those who know me well know this, and if you've followed me from my Weddingbee days, you know that we even used one of his stories on our wedding invitations.

I've subscribed to their "Story of the Day" for the past 6(?) years or so and I have to admit that some days I just delete them without reading.  My friend Andrea forwarded me the one from today, and I'm so glad she did because I LOVE it (& deleted it this morning!).  So cute.

Eternal Reward

"Of course I believe in heaven, my grandma used to say. There's got to be some reward for living with your grandfather for all these years."