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30 Day Photography Challenge

I can't remember where I first saw this, but reading ThatWife, Our Wired Lives and His Birdie jogged my memory & I am excited to participate in it!


If you're interested in playing along, comment on Our Wired Lives post & she will add you to the list of participants.



Easy DIY Picture Mats

Also known as: Why didn't I do this a year ago?

For the past year, the formal group picture from our wedding has looked like this:

More specifically:

Let's ignore the fact that this is a rather boring, unattractive frame & pretend that it is just sleek/modern/no-frills.  Either way, the picture has never fit in the frame.  The picture itself is an odd size; long & squat, hence the white band at the top & bottom of the frame.  I was so sick of looking at it that I decided to make my own "mat" (much less involved than my last foray into custom mat-cutting).

As you can see, navy was one of our wedding colors & continues to be one of my favorite colors.  The cardstock is actually a leftover sample from our DIY wedding invitations, which I thought was an appropriate use for this project.

I marked off where to cut so that the navy would cover the white bands, then cut it using an xacto knife & metal straight edge.

I told you this was laughable easy!  I then taped the picture in place on the back of the cardstock & placed it back in the frame.  

Much better!  I can now stand to look at this frame :)


Point and Shoot Camera Recommendations, Please!

Ted just informed me that he is 99% sure he lost our Canon PowerShot Elph in the overhead compartment of a prop plane to the Bahamas.  We've had it for a few years & frankly, I'm not sad that it's gone.  I haven't been happy with it for awhile & now that Ted said he'd buy me a new one, I'd like a few recommendations!

I think that was my 3rd or 4th Elph, and if I get another Canon, I want it to be a step up from this.  A point & shoot that I can tweak with manual settings & takes great pictures on automatic.  I believe the sensor size is what's important with P&S cameras (please correct me if I am wrong!) and Leica cameras are known for this.

There's one teensy (okay, HUGE) problem, and that's the price.  They start around $800.  That's a bit more than I (Ted) want(s) to spend, so can you please help us select a great point & shoot?


Hot Air Ballon Inspiration

While looking through my sister's 4th of July Weekend photos on Facebook, I came across these amazing shots.  There is a Hot Air Balloon Festival every year near my hometown and she has a tradition of going with her kids each year.

I love the vibrant colors of each balloon

Here is what she dubbed "Hot Air Balloon Eclipse" - I love it!

Oh, and a picture of 2 of the cutest kids (also known as our flower girl and ring bearer!)


Seeing these photos made me start thinking about how hot air balloons could be used for fun, whimsical decor.  I turned to the always trusted Etsy and instantly found 3 things that I love:

I want this pillow!

 From Etsy Seller Atelier Pompadour This chalk board decal is to die for! 

From Etsy Seller Ghetto Vinyl :)

And a tiny touch of unexpected whimsy, these drawer pulls are adorable.

From Etsy Seller F is for Frank

I love finding inspiration in unexpected places :)  Thanks sis!


I Love Photoshop

Seriously, LOVE it! 

My friend Josh (photog in the Kristin/about me section!) puts my "skills" to shame.  I was browsing his wedding videography site last night and saw this clip.  Photoshopping at high speed - pretty cool.

Wedding Photography Post Productions Photoshop from Josh Pabst on Vimeo.

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