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DIY Kitchen Remodel

Sound scary?  Well, in the not too distant past, my husband and I did just that.  

We had changed so much in the condo since we moved in, yet the kitchen remained the same.  Ugly, heavy cabinets EVERYWHERE, oak trim like you wouldn't believe, terra cotta tile, faux granite laminate - you name it, this kitchen had it.  What we didn't have, however, was a lot of money for a new kitchen.  By turn of the century Chicago condo standards, we have a pretty big kitchen.  Big kitchen = big $ for renovation.

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands.  For $1,500.

Here are some before pictures, to get you acquainted with the space (some are taken from when we bought the place, so the old floors are shown - they are now stained a dark ebony).

After we started demo & remembered that we needed to take "before" pictures :)

Next up?  DIY Demolition!

Have you ever tackled a kitchen remodel on your own?


Easy Kitchen Refresher

If you have stainless steel pots like we do, you probably notice how dirty they can look after a few months of use.  I'm talking about the brown ring on the bottom of the pot that just won't wash off.

Scrubbing them also helps - yuck!We keep a few of ours hanging from rails, and they just look bad.  Same goes if you have a pot rack hanging above your kitchen island, etc.  Well, there is a super cheap and easy way to make your investment (the pots!) look new again.  Take a bottle of Bartenders Friend and rub it on the stain with a clean, dry cloth.


Buff & enjoy your sparkly, "new" pots and pans.


Easy, right?


Things I Love Thursday - Robert Bristow 

I love the lines and cast shadows of the base and the marble top of this Robert Bristow dining table (available via Ralph Pucci).  Another excellent example of modern and traditional design together as one.  Would look great in a number of different settings!


For something really bold, it could rest on top of a chevron rug.  Or to keep it very minimal, pair simply with a few Ghost Chairs.

 It's also available in red now - love it!

The ultimate in mod-trad!

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