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10 Decorating Trends You Wish Would Go Away

I came across this list from, randomly, my daily BabyCenter digest.  It led to a House Beautiful slideshow that shows 10 trends that people think will fade away in 2013.  There are some I agree with & some I don't, but overall I found it to be an interesting list.

1) Taxidermy - YES

I have never understood or liked the taxidermy and faux animal head trend that went wild last year. It is now so overdone that I think this is one trend that will fade away.

Ceramic Animals

I do think these Jonathan Adler ceramics are adorable, though.  So cute!

Doxie Bookends

2) Open Layouts - NO

I think I'll always love open layouts.  Especially kitchens that open up into dining areas &/or family rooms.  At every party, it seems we all end up congregating in the kitchen.  The kitchen gets it then spills over into the adjacent dining area, then living room.  I like that everyone feels like they're all together, even if technically in different rooms.

3) Cliched Design - ??

I guess so?  This vague title goes on further to explain that an Eiffel Tower statue and french style rug does not a french interior make.  As a francophile, I have a few Eiffel Tower figurines sprinkled around the house, but I by no means think that defines our decor!

4)  Cookie Cutter Kitchens - YES & NO

I love alternatives to granite, but am a stainless steel appliance fan through & through.  I love modern white kitchens with stainless appliances and can't picture this trend fading away any time soon.

5)  Obvious Signage - NO

I love typography & am a fan of this trend, when done well.


6)  Chalkboard Overload - YES

Overload is the key word here.  Am I the only one who finds chalkboards - chalk specifically - to be a dusty mess?  I sometimes really like the way they work, mainly in the kitchen or a playroom, but people are chalkboard painting everything these days and I am over it.


7)  Food as Decor - NO

I love a bowl of green apples as decoration in the kitchen.  Sometimes I eat them, sometimes I don't :)

8) Neon - YES

Let's leave neon in the 80's where it belongs, mmkay?

9) Intentionally Distressed Furniture - YES

With a caveat - I think this is a personal choice, not necessarily a trend!  If I had a farmhouse in the south, then I'd probably have a piece of distressed furniture or two.  It's just not my favorite look overall.

10) TVs on the Mantle - YES & NO

One of the first things that I put on this blog was that "TVs don't have to hang above the mantle".  Sometimes it's the best option though, so I'll hold off on judgement for this one :)

Are there any trends that you wish would just go away?

p.s. It's nice to talk to you all again!  I owe an update post, I know.  Just know that I am back to work, accepting new clients & that life is good.  So, so good.


Decor from an Unexpected Source, Part 2

Awhile ago I posted about great decor finds from an unlikely store - Pottery Barn Kids.  I thought I'd revisit this post idea after coming across a fun lamp at Land of Nod.  I checked out other items & found a lot of things that would work for spaces beyond kids rooms.  

Here are my favorites:


This lamp also comes in blue & pink!

All items found at 

Have you come across any unexpected sources for home decor?


Penny for your Floor?

If you're like me, I get annoyed when I find random pennies stuffed in the bottom of my purse, the couch cushions, sprinkled throughout my desk, etc.  It's time to save your pennies because this design has me floored (sorry, had to do it).

Zinc Door linked to it on their Facebook page & immediately shared it. I couldn't find the original source, but a quick google search brought up images of a lot of other projects.  They are all so fun & cheaper than other traditional materials (this site mentioned a total of just over $38 for appx. 24 square feet).

& Nickels!  Obviously going to cost you quite a bit more in materials ;) but it looks  I really can't come up with another word!

Searching around also led to penny kitchen islands, accent walls, etc.  I love them all.  You could even tackle this DIY style if you have a lot of time & patience!


Updated Portfolio Page!

I have been seriously lacking when it comes to updating my Portfolio page.  I remedied that over the weekend, so check out all of the new updates here!

Some new projects include a dated to modern Master Bath (one of my absolute favorite transformations!) and a bright, bold open concept Living/Dining Room.  I'll share more about these projects in upcoming posts!


Finally, a Living Room Rug!

On March 29th, 2011 I posted about wanting a new living room rug.  Yes, over one year ago!  I've touched on it a couple of times since then & even considered painting a rug.  I know it seems like I sometimes don't follow up on posts like this, but it is almost always because I still haven't made a decision!  I like all of the rugs from that first post, but the ones I LOVED were all too expensive.  I've had a basic off-white shag rug in place for about 9 months.


One day while shopping in Lincoln Park with my mom & sister, I came upon this rug in the entry at Francesca's Collection (funny that the rug is also called Francesca!).  I made sure to snap a picture of the details as well so that I could look it up later.

It led me to google "Francesca Rugs" which I then learned is part of Loloi Rugs.  I ultimately decided that this rug has too much brown in it for me (dark brown floors, brown chaise, tan couch), but was drawn to this bright, fun number.  I love the orange accents!

But I've been hemming and hawing over the $500+ price tag for over a month...which typically means I won't buy it.  I almost bought it last week but cancelled the order at the last minute.  Sigh.  The search went on.

Today's sales on Joss & Main featured bright rugs that I figured I'd click through and give it a try.  First, I found this Tamara rug.  I immediately liked it & the $300 price tag.  The 5x7 rug we have now just isn't cutting it anymore (& especially with the baby coming, we need more soft surfaces), and a 7x9 is what I've been looking for!

I was ready to purchase this when I scrolled down a bit further and saw this rug, which I just so happen to have had my eye on for months over at RugsUSA.  Again, the $600 price tag scared me off from clicking "buy", but it didn't stop me from checking it out every week or so.  & trying to work it into a design for a client!  :)

Check out that price!  $219 for a 7'6" x 9'6" 100% wool rug!  The reviews on the other site say that the gray is more of a blue gray (perfectly fine with me) & that the green is more vibrant (perfect again!).

I bought it.  It arrives in a couple of weeks!  Finally, I can put the search to rest!

Have you found any great deals on Joss & Main or other daily sales sites lately?