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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

I thought working from home meant you didn't have to go into the office?In the world of DIY everything, sometimes it's just better to hire a professional.  Take a gander at these DIY projects & I'm sure you'll agree with me. 

I'm sure they just wanted a window in 2 rooms...right?!


Sad door.

Okay, hire an ELECTRICIAN, stat!

A nod to industrial design?

Ding-dong, your guests are dead!


Have you worked with an Interior Designer?  If not, what are your main reservations?

If you're in need of design services, head on over to the right sidebar & contact me! 


Alice in Wonderland Inspired FLOR

Interface, the maker of those carpet tiles that so many of you love (myself included!), has one of the best advertising campaigns out right now.  Forget Betty White & her Snickers, these tantalizing print ads introduced at last years NeoCon have me lusting over their carpet.  I'm not a huge fan of wall-to-wall carpet, but it has its place in a lot of settings.  Keep in mind this is the commercial/contract side of their business, but so many of these styles can translate into the home.


Advertising for carpet is obviously quite boring & uninspired - which is why I was so pleased, but not surprised, to see this from FLOR.


Another great thing about Interface FLOR - they use stickers to adhere the carpet tiles together - meaning no VOCs or other off-gassing glues.  & trust me, this is HUGE.  Plus, it adds LEED points to your projects, which is all the rage these days :)  Here are a few images of installations I grabbed off of their website:


We have a FLOR area rug under our dining room table.  It's been perfect for us, as many spills have made their way down to the I just swap out the offending tile with a fresh one & voila! it's like a brand new rug.


 What do you think of this campaign?  Have you used FLOR tiles before?  If so, do you LOVE them?

Also, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes out March 5th - will you be there?


New Use for Ball Canning Jars!

click on image for sourceVintage Ball canning jars seem to be all the rage in wedding table decor lately.  I've read many, many, many stories of brides scouring the internet & antique markets in order to have these lovlies grace their tables. 

I thought of all of you when I came acorss this the other day.

I have always been partial to the blue variety, which are harder to come by, but are oh-so perfectly vintage  (side note: I considered using these for our Ohio home reception, but the $30/each price tag at the Chicago Antique Market changed my mind FAST).  I can picture a grouping of three of these pendants in a number of different styles of kitchens, from Quirky/Modern to Beachy Whitewash. 

Conant Lighting has an entire section of Repurposed lighting, but at $185 each, these aren't for all budgets.  I've now seen similar listings for these elsewhere, but I love this one because the bottom has been removed.  The whole jar doesn't do it for's almost too crafty...but I imagine that this could be a relatively simple DIY project for someone with knowledge of how to put a light together (that person is not me, unfortunately).  My friend Mrs. D'orsay posted tips on removing the tops of wine bottles, so have at it!

So brides & fellow Ball jar lovers, is this something you'd be willing to try?  Could you see these hanging over your kitchen island?  If so, and you decide to do it, send me pictures & I'll post them here!




Happy Birthday, Bubble Wrap!

Bubble Wrap turns 50 today - Happy Birthday!  A little known fact:  this sealed-air that protects our valuables  & offers hours of endless entertainment was actually a failed attempt at creating plastic wallpaper!  How ridiculously 1960's, no?  Imagine it paired with wall to wall shag carpeting - groovy, baby! 

We'll stick to grass cloth & large scale graphic prints, thank you. My google image search yielded only one (poorly executed) , thereby solidifying the notion that this isn't a trend likely to catch on anytime soon...

Aside from packaging, I found one other genius use - a pop-a-day calendar!  I can imagine this uber-trendy, fun calendar in both a graphic design office and a kids room.  What do you think?

Start of your day with a bang, err, pop!~kristin 


Welcome to Bien Living

Let me start by saying how excited I am to be blogging again!  My first plunge into the blogging world focused on wedding planning & started at the end of 2008 - you can find me as Mrs. Quiche on Weddingbee.  That was an ridiculously incredible experience & I hope that Bien Living proves to be the same.

Now, allow me to introduce myself:

As an interior design maven and someone with a love for all things design, Bien Living will be a blog primarily focused on design.  Whether it's a rockin' interior (I love inspiration!), new product or general design babble, I love to talk design & can't wait to share my finds with all of you!  I know so many people who are in the process of purchasing/moving into/decorating new homes and I hope I can help you out :)  I'll also post on other topics such as travel, books, musings in general. 

I believe quality interior design is something that is attainable for everyone, regardless of their budget.  Design can be intimidating, so I like to present it in a non-fussy way.  A few years ago, I started a design company - Mention Bien Design.  I haven't focused on maintaining it in a LONG time due to my "real" job, going back to school & life in general, but it is my goal to get it back up and running.  What is holding me back?  Me.  & I need to get over that.

I can't tell you how many times, after spelling out my email address for someone, I've heard the question "What is mention bien?".  Well, my friends, let me let you in on a delectable little secret ;)  Mention Bien's are quite possibly the most perfect cookie every created.  Yes, that's right - I've branded myself with a cookie.  I'm sure most of you have heard of LU Petit Ecoliers, non?  Mention Bien's are the Casino (regular old grocery store chain in France)  Dominicks/Kroger/Jewel/Albertsons/ InsertGroceryStoreBrandNameHere version of the snotty Petit Ecolier (little school kid).  And they ROCK my socks.  I discovered them while studying in Lyon, France 10 years ago (holy moly, 10 YEARS?!  What?!).  In the study abroad information packet, it was noted that there was "a Casino across the street" from the dorm when listing area amenities.  Sweet! the group of 20-year olds shouted!  We can gamble everyday!  Lo & behold, we arrive in Lyon and discover that Casino is in fact a grocery store.  Which ended up being much better than a casino-casino. 

 source (I can't believe I googled & found it!) 

My mom & I are obsessed.  Each time we've been to France since then, we stock up.  I'm talking dozens of boxes of cookies.  Milk Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate (my personal fav).  White Chocolate.  Chocolate with Hazelnut.  Enough boxes that I'm sure we're flagged somewhere in the TSA as certifiable crazy women.  My greatest fear is that they'll be discovered and taken from me...I'm always slightly confused about the food portion of the customs form.

So, there you have it- Mention Bien Design.  Bien Living.  Living Well.  Isn't that something we all want to do?