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Easter DIY?

Happy Easter!  We had a lovely day enjoying brunch with friends and taking advantage of the mild spring day.  I've had a few people ask me what H received from the Easter Bunny, and I am embarassed to admit that we didn't do a basket for her first Easter!  Oops.  I honestly didn't know what to get & didn't want to end up with a bunch of junk, so I skipped it this year.  I am sure Michael's/JoAnn's will have great sales today, so once H is up from her nap & fed, we're hitting the clearance aisles for a basket.

I am extremely nostalgic & love my colorful plastic Easter basket from my childhood.  If one of those stores happen to have one, I might snap it up.  More likely, though, they'll have traditional baskets that I can then decorate (a bit).  Here are two easy ideas that I came across this morning - ribbon & tulle!

I love me some tulle, but I also love the more preppy, classic look of the woven ribbon.  We'll see what inspiration strikes later today!


Renegade Craft Fair - Holiday Edition!

I can't wait for this:

The Renegade Craft Fair!  Over 100 local artists selling handmade goodies just in time for the holidays.  I am sure I'll be able to check off a number of items on my list this weekend!  Last year I bought Mr. Q a screen print of our favorite bridge in the city from Hiroshi Arimaya, which I found at the event last summer.  

This one takes place in Chicago at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, but there are other cities on the list as well (I'm looking at you Austin, LA & San Francisco!).  I'm gathering a group of friends to go - perhpas we'll see you there!


Sad Pumpkin

My friend Coasting Anon (aka Mrs. Corn on Weddingbee) posted this sad picture on her FB page the other day.  I think I commented something to the effect of "What the heck is the deal with spray painting everything white these days?!" and I have to say, I just don't get it.

Obviously I know this is a styling thing for the shoot, but it is a BAD styling thing.  Such sad presents!

It reminded me of another trend I've seen floating around the blogosphere lately (and last year at this time, too), spray painting pumpkins white. 


In my opinion, pumpkins and gourds are supposed to be bright & fun & natural!  My other awesome WB friend (Mrs. Seashell), The Fix-Its, posted a Pinterest project that she did and I love that she used au natural pumpkins and gourds.


Here are some other great fall centerpieces found on Pinterest.




If you really must spray paint something, get creative!


Happy Fall, everyone!


Well hello there, Fall!

It's official - fall has fallen on the city of Chicago.  I can see my breath when I walk Derby in the morning, and her new favorite thing it to run through leaves...and then be totally freaked out by it.  I am a summer girl through & through, but fall has been especially pleasant this year so I am embracing it.  Plus, fall means football & I LOVE FOOTBALL (Go Buckeyes!  Go Bears!).

Our downstairs neighbor takes charge of the outdoor areas for our condo association.  Thank goodness!  She does all of the flowers and watering in the summer and switches out the seasonal decor (the only part of it that I would like!).  We swapped out the summer flowers for mums and a cute melange of pumpkins, gourds and squash(?).


Moving inside, we have a mix of fun, not-so-serious Halloween decorations and more formal (that's not the word I am looking for...) fall decorations. 

I usually put together this centerpiece around Thanksgiving, but it certainly can be displayed much earlier than that!  Plus, we had guests in town last weekend and this coming weekend, so I wanted to have a little extra pop of color on the table.  These are an assortment of leaves, florals and copper swirly-gigs that I've had for years.  I rounded up some random candles in a seasonal color and added them.  Instant centerpiece!




You can see a little ghost peeking out from behind one of the chairs :)  I love lighting these luminaries at night!


And swapping out white kitchen towels for these affordable Halloween towels adds a fun punch of color to an otherwise boring (I hate these ovens - they are horrible!) oven.


Shop Target and JoAnn's after Halloween for deeply discounted items that you can store away for next year!  We keep all fall items in an orange with black lid plastic container - eliminates a lot of digging around in our storage unit!

How do you decorate for Halloween and fall?