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0 to 1650: Like Couch to 5k (but in the pool)

Most of you probably don't know this, but I used to be a swimmer.  Like a serious, 2 hour a day, sometimes in the morning, on the Nationals team -type of swimmer.  Well folks, that was 12 years ago and beyond & it is a struggle for me to swim 100 yards (4 lengths of the pool) without feeling like I am going to die. D.I.E. 

Swimming butterfly in my heyday...

Someone in the comments on my friend Jenna's post on working out with a bum knee led me to this website that teaches you how to go from swimming a short distance to swimming a mile in 6 weeks.  Not only do I have have bad knees, but I also have a bad back so low impact exercises are pretty much it for me.  I've had this workout in the back of my mind for the past few weeks & finally decided to start!

In the first week, you do the following workout 3 times.  1 length of a typical lap pool is 25 yards (or meters).

4 x 100 yards (12 breath rest in between 100s)

4 x 50 yards (8 breath rest)

4 x 25 yards (4 breath rest)

TOTAL: 700 yards

I casually told my husband that I planned to do the workout twice in a row since it would be a cake walk for me.  HA.  HA!  I did it once and panted my way to the locker room :)

4 hours later, I feel great & can't wait to get back in the pool.  My swim gear consists of a Speedo swimsuit and goggles and a Nike silicon swim cap.  It's all you need to get started on this workout!


I decided to blog about this so that I would be held (somewhat) accountable for following through.  Is anyone interested in joining me on this challenge?  Let me know - I'd love to keep track with you and update our progress together!



On Chronic Pain

If one has had pain for over a year, can it be called chronic pain?  Yes?  Good - I have chronic pain. 

I hurt my back moving boxes last June and have been dealing with the aftermath of it since then, with no real pain relief ever achieved.  It's tough, because MRIs show a relatively healthy back, no bulging discs or anything like that.  I do have a labral tear in my right hip, but that likely isn't causing the stabbing pain in my lower right back or the radiating pain down my leg that makes my right foot throb.

I did physical therapy for 6 months, had 2 cortizone injections,  6 rounds of acupuncture, endless massages (which helped my mental health, thank God) and nothing has "cured" me.   I finally relented and allowed them to prescribe me pain meds, but I hate relying on them.  Fortunately (un?), they work.  But I don't want to take them.  I am currently working with my 2nd spine doc and have also seen a hip doc.  I AM TIRED OF GOING TO THE DOCTOR.

I had my 3rd cortizone injection yesterday, this time in my hip (other two were sciatic epidural and SI joint) and today, my hip is KILLING ME.  I know it hurts for 48 hours after the injection, but WOW.  Walking Derby this morning and my walk in today was awful.

I also have a script for working with a chiropractor, my absolute final alternative ("exploratory" surgery just ain't my thang).  I have to admit that chiropractors freak me out.  I've heard too many stories of endless appointments and cracking bones (eek) that make me want to stay away, but my doctor assured me that legitimate chiropractors will see you a half a dozen times and will then proceed with treatment. 

Pain sucks the life out of me, physically and emotionally.  There have been many, many things I've wanted to do in the past year that I haven't been able to.  I feel bad for my husband, as he is the one who has to listen to me complain, wipe away my tears of pain and frustration, and do things solo while I sit on the sideline, unable to join in.  It just sucks.

Do any of you know what I am going through?  Care to share some secrets as to how you dealt with it?