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Happy Birthday, Bubble Wrap!

Bubble Wrap turns 50 today - Happy Birthday!  A little known fact:  this sealed-air that protects our valuables  & offers hours of endless entertainment was actually a failed attempt at creating plastic wallpaper!  How ridiculously 1960's, no?  Imagine it paired with wall to wall shag carpeting - groovy, baby! 

We'll stick to grass cloth & large scale graphic prints, thank you. My google image search yielded only one (poorly executed) , thereby solidifying the notion that this isn't a trend likely to catch on anytime soon...

Aside from packaging, I found one other genius use - a pop-a-day calendar!  I can imagine this uber-trendy, fun calendar in both a graphic design office and a kids room.  What do you think?

Start of your day with a bang, err, pop!~kristin 

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