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No Racoon Eyes for Me!

For this to happen, I need your help! 

We are going on vacation soon - days spent lazily lounging by the pool, on the beach, etc. I'm not trying to make you jealous (ooh, but I must also add that it will be 80+ degrees...still, not trying for jealousy here!), just laying out the facts.  I must also add that I have white blonde eyelashes & wear mascara every single day.  My eyes disappear without it!  No bueno.

I am now on the hunt for a great yet inexpensive waterproof mascara.  I'd like it to be easily removed when necessary, but stays put when in & out of the water.  A nice clean look.



I love DiorShow mascara & bought the waterproof kind for our wedding in Jamaica 2 years ago.  I am fine purchasing this again, but would rather not spend $25/tube if possible.  There has to be a comparable drugstore brand that costs a lot less, I just don't know which one to try!


For everyday use, I've long been a fan of Maybelline Full & Soft mascara.  If I remember correctly though, their waterproof brand was very spidery.  It's possible that the formula has changed in the past 10 years though. 

Help!  Do you have a no-fail brand that you can recommend?  My bleached lashes thank you.


Can We Please Come Up with a New Name for Perm?

Because I want one & can't get over how much I hate that word!  It brings back memories of spiral perms from 8th grade that never should have happened (MOM!).  

I recently started to see a new stylist, Patrick at Robert Jeffrey Salon.  He is AMAZING and gave me the perfect cut/color/style when I went in last week.  My hair is very straight & flat and has no body whatsoever.  I am kind of all over the place when I try to describe what I want (Chelsea Handler hair/layers but not layer-y/THIN ends/tuckable "bangs"/I don't know how to use a round brush, so don't use one/etc) & he nailed it.  We were going to the Lady Gaga concert that night, so he even gave me a great curly style by using a flat iron.  I still have no idea how he did it, as I've tried since then it is a total disaster.


SO, as you can tell by that mess of a paragraph, I don't know how to do hair.  Which is why I've looked the same for the past 12 years - long straight hair, chop it off, long straight hair.  Rinse & repeat.

I decided to ask Patrick how he feels about p-e-r-m-s and he mentioned a newer p-e-r-m they have that gives soft waves.  I want to be able to put mousse or something in my hands, scrunch it up and go.  He also said that I could run the flat iron through it for straight, which is probably what I'd be doing most days.

Love this picture of Ted & I!

Okay, back to the Lady Gaga concert.  One of my best friends, Bethany, came into town from Ohio & we all planned to go to the concert.  I love her music, but frankly, I find Lady Gaga to be annoying.  Now though, I have to admit that she ROCKS in concert!  I like her so much more :)

Finally -  have any of you had a perm (blech) lately?  Should I get one??


And the Winner is...

True Random Number Generator 15

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The winner of the 3Form cuff bracelet is...Catherine of Forty20Four, who loves the Ting Ting cuff! Congratulations!

Email me with your address - kristin at bienlivingdesign dot com!

I loved having a giveaway & look forward to the next one!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!



Ho-Ho-Ho! Santa's Coming Early This Year!

Combining 2 of my loves - 3Form and jewelry!  3Form panels are some of my favorite interior design products (as I may have mentioned around here before).  I also love a statement-making cuff.  Well, 3Form went ahead and made my dreams come true by taking leftover cuts of their Varia eco resin products and turning them into bracelets.

Made from 40% recycled content, these are the epitome of crunchy-stylish. 

It's pretty incredible that the leftovers from these panels became these bracelets.  It's BRILLIANT!

And at $20 or under, they are easily accessible for all. 

They also make serving bowls.  Knowing all this, I am pretty sure that I can complete a few names on my Christmas list.

Oh, and I think I might need to do a giveaway...that is how obsessed I am!


White Party Dress Code: Resort Wear

Hmm...I have a dilemma.  Mr. Q and I are going to the Turks and Caicos next months for our friends 40th birthdays.  The (adorable) invitation stated that the dress is to be "White Resort Wear", which has left me googling every combination of "white/flowy/dress/short dress/resort" imaginable, only to come up less than inspired. 

What exactly does this mean?  I picture white & flowy.  Mr. Q had a different idea (of course!).  This is his choice, after I tried it on one day while shopping in our neighborhood.  Methinks the tightness factor, while hot, isn't exactly right.


Plus, when would I wear it again?  I already have something similar, my short reception dress.  This is high on my list because I already own it & would like to wear it again.  It does need to be taken in a bit.

Picture by Ashley Colhouer

A simple google search of "white resort wear" brought up Lily Pulitzer as the #1 site.  And lo and behold, one of their clothing categories is "Little White Dress".  Here are my favorites:


It's hard for me to stomach spending $300 on a cotton sundress, but I do find these to be oh-so-preppy and cute and ME.

My friend P has a Little White Dress shop on Etsy & I love the Grace Satin dress.  Plus, it's handmade and helping a friends small business - can't get much better than that!


Thoughts?  Anyone?  Suggestions and links in the comments would be great!!

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