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Happy Halloweekend!

Halloween is a much loved holiday around our house.  We get dressed up every year & this year was no exception!  Wanting to find a couples costume, we settled on Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton from True Blood, one of our guilty pleasures.

It was hard to get my husbands very curly hair to lay straight - he drew the line when I pulled out my CHI straightener and almost singed off a chunk of curls :)  I think it ended up turning out great!  I loved being Sookie!

We went to a pretty wild party in a warehouse on the south side of town.  Tons of people and one bathroom stall - definitely not up to building code, I can assure you! 

The kiddos went trick-or-treating on Clark St. on Saturday & came home with quite the loot!  On Sunday, A & I took Derby to a doggie Halloween event on Armitage Ave, home of lots of little boutiques that were handing out candy as well.  It was packed!  I am glad A decided to put on his Mario costume again - I loved seeing the kids trick-or-treat city style.  Cynthia Rowley, Intermix, Benetton and American Apparel were just a few "houses" we stopped at for treats :)

I didn't have a costume for Derby.  I did, however, happen to clean out the kids dressers this weekend & threw a too-small Cubs shirt in the donate pile.  Not wanting to be the only dog at the doggie party sans costume, Derby became a Cubs relief pitcher for Halloween ;)

Then Daddy & Yoshi met up with us :)

It was such a great weekend!  We had a family photo taken on Sunday at the party.  It was from an instant camera, so I will scan it in and share it with you this week.  It is one of my favorite pictures of our family!!

Did you dress up for Halloween?  Who/what were you??


One Month into my 30s...

..and I have to say that life is pretty dang good!  I've never had any major qualms about turning 30, so I figured life would just go on as usual, and thankfully it has.  

I can't quit you, Oh, Sweet Mandy B's Orange Dreamsicle Cupcake!

Unfortunately, part of getting older, I have lost 2 grandparents in the past month.  My dad's parents had been married for over 60 years!  When my grandmother started to get sick, it really took its toll on my grandpa, who was with her everyday in the hospital or nursing home for 6 months.  After she died last month, he stated that he needed to get stronger and healthy again.  But I think it's hard for people who have been together their entire lives to live without one another :( and he died on Monday.  I do consider myself lucky to have grandparents well into my adult life, though!

Okay, back to turning 30.  My husband, Ted, along with a slew of co-conspirators had a surprise party for me!  My mom and sister were in town, which made it even more special.  No, having them here didn't tip me off that something was brewing, as they tend to come every year around my birthday.

With Nenners and Mom

Here are some pictures from the surprise party, hosted by our wonderful friends Rick and Perrin.

Blurry images, but it captures the feeling when I walked in :)

It was a full on food feast, as well as a music fest.  Our friend S played a few acoustic sets, C joined him at one point, and B-Fresh was the mix-master DJ ;)


There may have been some countertop dancin'...

                 Thanks Sweetie!!W                  hat a wonderful weekend!


Hot Air Ballon Inspiration

While looking through my sister's 4th of July Weekend photos on Facebook, I came across these amazing shots.  There is a Hot Air Balloon Festival every year near my hometown and she has a tradition of going with her kids each year.

I love the vibrant colors of each balloon

Here is what she dubbed "Hot Air Balloon Eclipse" - I love it!

Oh, and a picture of 2 of the cutest kids (also known as our flower girl and ring bearer!)


Seeing these photos made me start thinking about how hot air balloons could be used for fun, whimsical decor.  I turned to the always trusted Etsy and instantly found 3 things that I love:

I want this pillow!

 From Etsy Seller Atelier Pompadour This chalk board decal is to die for! 

From Etsy Seller Ghetto Vinyl :)

And a tiny touch of unexpected whimsy, these drawer pulls are adorable.

From Etsy Seller F is for Frank

I love finding inspiration in unexpected places :)  Thanks sis!


City Kids

Bathing suits and a garden hose provided hours of fun in the hot Chicago sun yesterday.  From making "lakes" to washing cars (what? We had to take advantage of their eagerness!), these city kids had a blast.

And J with our little Derby girl (who is terrified of water, so this didn't last long!)

We love Chicago...

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