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How a Tree becomes a House. Or Furniture. Or Floors.

I follow ReBuilding Exchange (a great local Chicago resource for reclaimed building supplies & fixtures - love it!) on Facebook & they posted a picture of this sculpture by Vincent Kohler.  It is a great visual that explains how a log is cut & planed to create wood ready for building.  I found it to be fascinating!  


I went into the ReBuilding Exchange last week just to poke around a bit.  They have aisles of old doors, reclaimed wood, kitchen cabinets, sinks, toilets, you name it!  What I also loved were the carpet tiles.  At $2/tile, I was able to put together a  4x6 rug for $12.  It was high performance contract carpet, perfect for an entry.  I wasn't able to think of a place to use it, so I put it all back...but let this serve as a notice to you if you're in the market!


Ah, the SUN!

We have been blessed with 70+ degree days here in Chicago all week - and they're here to stay for the next few days as well!  I have taken advantage of this free sun therapy with 45 minute walks with Derby every day.  We've seen crocuses, daffodils and tulips popping up all over the neighborhood.  On Wednesday, we also went back to the park & while I laid on a blanket with my Kindle, Derby ran around like a wild woman on her 30' leash for an hour.  It is GLORIOUS!

She has been parking herself in every sun spot she can find and I don't blame the girl.  Chicago has woken up from it's (albeit mild) winter slumber and I am so, so happy.


Summertime Chi...


This is one reason why I love my city:

Green grass and beautiful blue water.

I love this city (minus the guy who forgot to put on his shirt - oops)!


Best. Donut. Ever!

I was running late to a meeting at the Merchandise Mart the other day when I noticed a line of people wrapped around the corner of a building just north of there (it also happens to be right across the street from our old place - sniffle!).  There wasn't a sign hanging outside, so I first thought it was a sample sale for Haute Living or something similar that would warrant a long line on a weekday morning.  I noticed a woman with a box that had a big donut stamped on top and went on my way.  After the meeting, I decided to check out The Donut Vault.  This is what I walked out with:


They had 6 donuts left & they all happened to be chocolate (my favorite).  I snapped one up, only slightly gasped at the $3+ price tag, and walked out with my gooey delight.  I took a bite.  It was heavenly.  I tried to tell myself that I would eat half now and the rest after my next meeting was done.   With glaze so smooth it was sliding right off the top, I devoured the entire thing while sitting in my car on the side of a pretty busy street.  Yep, I was that person.

If you can't tell, I highly recommend this place!  They open at 8:30 am and close when they're sold out.  I think it was pretty rare that there were still donuts left at 10:45, so you'll either have to go early & wait in line or take your chances.  It is worth it!


p.s. just realized that they spell it "doughnut" whereas I've been writing "donut".  How you do spell the word for these "deliciousnesses"?


I Love Photoshop

Seriously, LOVE it! 

My friend Josh (photog in the Kristin/about me section!) puts my "skills" to shame.  I was browsing his wedding videography site last night and saw this clip.  Photoshopping at high speed - pretty cool.

Wedding Photography Post Productions Photoshop from Josh Pabst on Vimeo.