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30 Day Photography Challenge: Final Pictures

October ended up being a pretty wild month in the Bien Living Design household.  Not only has work been incredibly busy (which I love - THANK YOU to all of my awesome clients.  You guys rock!), but we also had a bit of a health scare.  Everyone is healthy and happy now, thank goodness.  In any event, I fell way behind on the 30 Day Photography challenge.  Boo!  I had been doing so well, too.  Oh well!

So, here are my final pictures of the challenge.  I just did what I could fit in, so these weren't necessarily taken on their assigned day.  I still hope to take a bokeh & long exposure shot and when/if I do, I'll be sure to share it!

Day 15 - Silhouette

I just realized this is a shadow, not a silhouette...

Day 17: Technology

Computer cords & cables are the bane of my existence.  It is my deep, dark house secret (okay, not so secret since they are out there for all to see) and I want them GONE.  Anyone in Chicago want to help me with this??

Day 18: Your shoes

Bronze metallic from Nine West

Day 19: Something Orange

My client and I have been trying to decide on an orange & white fabric for this ottoman (the green fabric is on the newly upholstered parsons chair).  An appropriate for orange day!

Day 23: Sunflare

This is sunflare, right?  Taken on my cell phone.

Day 24: Animal

Bet you thought this would be another picture of Derby, right?  Think again!  This is a picture of Derby's future husband, Chopper, a full blooded blood hound!

Day 25:  Something Pink

Sugar at Old Town Social

Day 26: Close Up

Heehee.  Here's Derby.  Love that nose!

Day 28: Flowers

This was my farmers market booty the other day.  Gorgeous mums that were half the price & double the size of the mums at Home Depot.


Considering the month we had, I think I did pretty well with the challenge! 

There is a new challenge for November - an interior design challenge - which I will share with you tomorrow.

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